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An innovative and inclusive project aimed at pre-school children, coordinated by the AECCB. 
            As the name suggests, this project values PLAY in contact with nature,
                          providing meaningful learning in the context of human development and environmental education, in line with the SDGs.

Adressed topics:

Encourage changes in the actions of staff and children

in their relationship with nature;

Increase playtime in outdoor green spaces;

Promote environmental education

practices to prevent deforestation;

Encouraging the cultivation of organic

gardens in schools;

Encouraging practices to preserve biodiversity.


Organic vegetable garden;
Day in the forest;
Art with nature;
Community involvement in projects;
Construction of play structures;
Creating products from nature;
Preserving endangered animal

and plant species.


More time playing outdoors;
Use of natural resources as

teaching strategies;
Active participation in protecting and

preserving the environment;
Professionals more informed and

aware of environmental issues;
Greater involvement of families and the

local community in school projects.

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